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I have decided to shut down and discontinue our tutorials and templates.

Sadly, it's just not going to be possible to execute LaunchParty’s long-term vision with the new Elementor 3.0 design system.

Our website will be accessible (but not updated) until November 1, 2020. If you plan on using our templates after we shut down, be sure to download our preview images.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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What is Elementor?

Did you know? We offer a completely free Elementor course that walks you through how to create your entire website using Elementor Pro, from start to finish.


What Is The Elementor Page Builder Plugin For WordPress?

Elementor is a design tool for WordPress that allows you to visual design your website using a simple drag-n-drop editor. Once you install the Elementor plugin, you will be able to design your WordPress pages and blog posts using Elementor instead of the default WordPress editor (sometimes referred to as the Gutenberg editor).

Visit Elementor


What Is Elementor?


How Do I Install Elementor?

You can watch our video tutorial to learn how to install both the free version of Elementor and the Elementor Pro add-on. In our tutorial, we also cover some of our recommended default settings that you should use if you want to following along with our free course.

Watch Our Video Tutorial


Why Is Elementor So Popular?

Elementor is actively being used by millions of websites worldwide. It has became the most popular WordPress page builder plugin for a variety or reasons:

  • Elementor is intuitive and easy to understand for beginners
  • Elementor is designed in a way that allows you to master all of its features more quickly.
  • Elementor offers a lot of designer-focused features that make it easier to produce professional looking designs.
  • Elementor allows you to visually design different areas of your WordPress website that were never before possible unless you knew how to code.
  • Elementor releases new features more quickly than any other WordPress page builder.


What Does Elementor Look Like?

When you’re designing a page with Elementor you will be using both the Elementor sidebar (on the left) and the live preview (on the right).

Elementor sidebar: The sidebar is where you can adjust all of your content, styling, and advanced settings for every element on your page whether it’s an image, text, colors, padding, etc.

Live preview: The live preview is where you can drag and drop widgets onto your page, re-arrange elements, and visually organize the layout. The live preview will instantly update with any changes you make and allow you to preview your designs on desktop, tablet, and mobile without every having to leave the editor.


Elementor editor screenshot


Elementor editor screenshot


Elementor editor screenshot



Why Should I Use Elementor Instead Of The Default WordPress Editor?

The default editor in WordPress has too many limitations for beginners (especially if you don’t know how to code). It’s also much slower to create pages and posts with the WordPress editor because it’s a “backend” editor. This means that you won’t really know how your pages and posts will look on your live website until you “Preview” the design in another window. This is especially annoying when trying to customize your tablet and mobile layouts.

With Elementor, you can see how your website looks in real-time as you adjust your design on desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Is Elementor Free?

The core Elementor page builder plugin is completely free, however, if you want access to Elementor’s Pro features, you will have to purchase and install their Pro add-on plugin.

Elementor Pro Features

What Is Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is an add-on plugin that unlocks all the Pro features Elementor has to offer. Some of the Pro features include the ability to:

  • Design your headers and footers using Elementor instead of your theme
  • Design blog post layouts using Elementor instead of your theme
  • Design blog archive pages using Elementor instead of your theme
  • Use more than 30 Pro drag-n-drop widgets
  • Access the Pro template library
  • Create opt-in forms, multi-step forms, contact forms, and surveys
  • Create portfolios and image galleries
  • Create and design popups with advanced targeting
  • Integrate with email marketing services
  • Add social media sharing buttons
  • Add Facebook comments to any page
  • Add pricing tables and price lists
  • Use motion effects and animations
  • Add Lottie animations
  • Add a table of contents to pages and posts
  • Save your most-used widgets (pre-styled)
  • Create targeted layouts using conditional formatting
  • Create custom post types with ACF, Toolset, and Pods
  • Design your WooCommerce pages and archives
  • Get premium support from Elementor
  • And more…

Read Our Elementor Pro Review


If you’re enrolled our free Elementor course, you will need to purchase Elementor Pro in order to follow along with many of our tutorials. We will be using Elementor Pro’s theme builder functionality to design your header, footer, blog post layouts, blog archive pages, and more.

You will also need Elementor Pro if you want to use their Pro widgets.


Elementor Free vs Pro Comparison

To help you fully understand the difference between the free version of Elementor vs the Pro version of Elementor, we created a free vs pro comparison table. This should help you better visualize what added features you’ll receive when you purchase the Pro add-on plugin.

Keep in mind that Elementor offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders, so it’s risk free to try out the Pro add-on.

View Free vs Pro Comparison


Elementor free vs pro


Is Elementor Good For Beginners?

Yes, Elementor is great for beginners. Elementor has structured it’s editor in a way that reduces the learning curve for beginners better than other page builders. This is because all the Elementor settings exist in the same three tabs (content, style, and advanced) in the sidebar. So no matter which section, column, or widget you are editing, you will quickly learn where to find each setting. And if you follow along with all of our Elementor tutorials you’ll learn how to become proficient even faster.


Do I Need To Know How To Code?

No. You do not need to know how to use CSS, HTML, or PHP when using Elementor.

Elementor gives non-coders the ability to design websites in a way that was never before possible. Not only can you easily design pages using their drag-n-drop interface, but you’ll also be able to design areas of your WordPress website that used to require coding.

In the past, if you wanted to customize your header, footer, blog post layouts, custom post types, or WooCommerce, you had to know how to code. Now you can do it all with Elementor’s visual interface. It’s super powerful and a real game-changer for those that don’t know how to code.


Which WordPress Theme Should I Use With Elementor?

We recommend using the Astra WordPress theme with Elementor. We tested a lot of different WordPress themes when deciding which theme would be best for the users of our free course, and Astra ended up being our favorite.

The Astra theme is continuously updated and improved, and their team is dedicated to making sure it works perfectly with Elementor. Astra’s theme settings (in the WordPress Customizer) are also much more intuitive than other themes, especially for beginners. And since Astra is super lightweight, your website will load super fast compared to other themes.

We will be using the free version of Astra throughout all of our tutorials, but you can also check out their Pro add-on if you need additional theme functionality.


Best WordPress theme for Elementor


Is Elementor Good For Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design?

Yes. Elementor allows you to customize your website design on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Elementor has included a ton of advanced customization abilities for mobile devices so you can actually adjust your designs for each specific device.

For example, you can add a custom background image just for mobile to improve your site speed. You can adjust the column order and column widths on tablet and mobile. You can also hide widgets and sections on different devices or create completely separate designs for different devices. Pretty much all of styling settings offered by Elementor can be customized individually on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

In addition to the Elementor editor, all of our free Elementor templates are pre-designed and tested on every device. This way you always have an easy starting point and won’t ever have to start from scratch or get overwhelmed with the settings on your mobile layouts.


Elementor responsive design


Will Elementor Slow Down My Site?

No. Elementor will be just as fast or faster than any other visual page builder. Elementor does this by custom developing lightweight widgets (and their own JavaScript libraries) and only loading the particular assets required for your particular design. For example, if you’re not using any animations, Elementor isn’t going to load the JavaScript files needed for those animations. Also, Elementor always has speed in mind when they update and optimize existing features.


Is Elementor Good For SEO?

Yes, Elementor is great for SEO. There is nothing in the Elementor page builder that will negatively effect your Google rankings. If you’re worried that using a page builder like Elementor will negatively effect your SEO, I would argue that you’re thinking about SEO all wrong.

The most important thing to focus on regarding SEO is your content. When a user Google’s a particular keyword, does your website answer that user’s question better than all the other websites you’re competing with? Is your website going to be a user’s final destination for that particular search phrase because you’ve solved their problem better than anybody else?

Once you’ve mastered your content writing and on-page SEO, and once your content is getting linked to by other important websites, then you can start researching some of the more technical SEO adjustments people might recommend.

How Can This Be Free?

All of our tutorials are supported by the small affiliate commission we receive when you purchase SiteGround Hosting and Elementor Pro. We are not associated with SiteGround or Elementor in any way.