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Bonus: Set Up MailChimp

How To Sign Up For MailChimp And Verify Your Domain

Action Plan

Step 1: Sign Up For MailChimp And Configure

Why This Step Is Important

MailChimp is our recommended email marketing service for sending marketing emails to your users. MailChimp will allow you to send newsletters and autoresponders, manage your subscribers, comply with anti-spam laws, ensure deliverability, track engagement, and more. MailChimp is completely free for up to 2,000 contacts on your email list.

Watch Our Tutorial For This Step

This video will walk you through how to sign up for a free MailChimp account and configure the most important settings.

Video Summary

  • Visit MailChimp and click the “Sign Up Free” button (0:40)
  • Use your domain email address when signing up, this will be the “from” email address when sending emails to your list (0:45)
  • Decide which email address is most appropriate for your email list (1:00)
  • Create a username and password (1:24)
  • Confirm your email address by checking your email and clicking the “Activate Account” button (1:33)
  • How to check your email in your SiteGround control panel (1:45)
  • Select the free plan to get started (2:10)
  • Enter your business address to comply with ant-spam laws (2:35)
  • Go to Audience > Manage Audience > Settings (3:23)
  • Change the “Default From name” that subscribers will see when you send them emails (3:50)
  • Go to Settings > List fields and *|MERGE|* tags (4:27)
  • Decide which form fields will be required, uncheck all that don’t apply (4:40)
  • Check the different settings in the Settings menu (6:15)

(I signed up for a free MailChimp account)

Step 2: Verify And Authenticate Your Domain

Why This Step Is Important

Verifying and authenticating your domain will help keep your emails out of spam folders. It will also protect your reputation by ensuring others can’t use your email address without permission.

Watch Our Tutorial For This Step

This video will walk you through how to verify your domain using CNAME records and how to authenticate your domain using DKIM and SPF records.

Video Summary

  • Log into your MailChimp account
  • Click your “Name/Company Name” in the top-right menu and click “Profile” (0:22)
  • Go to Settings > Domains (0:30)
  • Next to your domain, click the “Authenticate” button to see the required DKIM and SPF settings (10:50)
  • Log into SiteGround control panel (1:10)
  • Go to Site Tools > Domain > DNS Zone Editor (1:15)
  • Create a CNAME record by copying and pasting the appropriate information from MailChimp (1:32)
  • Click “Create” (2:20)
  • Create a TXT record by copying and pasting the appropriate information from MailChimp (2:25)
  • Click “Create” (2:49)
  • Click the “Authenticate Domain” button in MailChimp (2:59)

(A verified and authenticated my domain)

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