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Bonus: Set Up Email Marketing

How To Create A MailChimp Opt-In Form In Elementor

Action Plan

Step 1: Integrate MailChimp With Elementor

The Elementor Pro add-on is required for this step

Why This Step Is Important

Integrating MailChimp with Elementor will allow you to use the Elementor Form Widget to create and design your email opt-in forms. This way, when somebody signs up to join your mailing list, their email will automatically be added to the appropriate list (and group) in MailChimp.

Watch Our Tutorial For This Step

This video will walk you through how to add your MailChimp API key to the Integrations tab found in the Elementor settings page of the WordPress admin.

Video Summary

  • Log into your MailChimp account
  • Click your “Name/Company Name” in the top-right menu and click “Profile”. Then go to Extras > API keys (0:23)
  • Click “Create A Key”(0:43)
  • Copy the new API key that has been generated (0:53)
  • Log into your WordPress admin and go to Elementor > Settings > Integrations (1:00)
  • In the “MailChimp” section, paste the API key and click “Validate API Key” (1:17)
  • Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page (1:28)

(I added my MailChimp API key to the Integrations tab in the Elementor settings)

Step 2: Add An Opt-In Form To Your Site Using Elementor

The Elementor Pro add-on is required for this step

Watch Our Tutorial For This Step

This video will walk you through how to use our “CTA MailChimp” template blocks to add a MailChimp opt-in form to your site.

Video Summary

  • In WordPress, start editing a page with Elementor (0:38)
  • Choose one of our LaunchParty “CTA MailChimp” template blocks and add it to your page (0:40)
  • MailChimp template blocks will require Elementor Pro since they use the Elementor form widget (1:08)
  • Click “Edit Widget” on the form widget (2:00)
  • Go to “Actoins After Submit” and add a “Redirect” which will send users to a thank you page after they click submit (2:30)
  • Go to “Redirect” and add the thank you page url (2:57)
  • Go to “MailChimp” and choose your email list from the “List” drop-down and select a group if you want to add users to a specific group (3:13)
  • The difference between single opt-in and double opt-in (4:15)
  • Under “Field Mapping” match the appropriate fields (4:55)
  • Go to “Additional Options” if you want to customize the success and error messages (5:28)
  • Click “Update” and test the form by entering an email address and check to see that it was added to your MailChimp list (5:40)
  • How to add a “First name” field to your opt-in form (6:45)
  • How to turn on “Double Opt-In” if you want to require users to confirm their email address before they are added to your email list (7:37)
  • Don’t forget to remap the form fields in the “Field Mapping” section (7:50)
  • If you’re using double opt-in we offer several “confirm” template blocks so users know to check their email inbox (8:30)
  • Click “Update” and test the double opt-in form to make sure users are successfully added to your email list after they confirm their email address (9:05)
  • Advantages and disadvantes of single opt-in vs double opt-in (10:10)

(I added an opt-in form to my site)

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