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Elementor Pro features, benefits, and pricing

LaunchParty Review, Updated January 2020
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Pro Feature 1

Design Your Header And Footer

Elementor Pro allows you to design custom headers and footers instead of using your WordPress theme's default header and footer. You're also not limited to one site-wide header—using conditional formatting you can assign different header and footer designs to different pages, posts or post types.

Pro Feature 2

Design Blog Post Layouts

You no longer need to know how to code to create great looking blog posts. Elementor Pro allows you to create full blog post layouts using the Elementor editor. You can use dynamic elements to automatically include your featured image, author bio, comments, and more. You can even assign different blog post designs to different individual posts, categories, and tags.

Pro Feature 3

Design Blog Archive Pages

Elementor Pro allows you to adjust the design of your blog homepage, category archives, tag archives, author archives, and more. Using Elementor’s display conditions setting you can choose to use the same layout for all archive pages, or create multiple layouts based on specific archive attributes.

Pro Feature 4

Create Contact Forms, Surveys, And Opt-Ins

With Elementor Pro, there's no need to use contact form plugins or survey plugins like Contact7, Gravity Forms, or Ninja. Elementor Pro allows you to create all the advanced forms you will ever need using their form widget.

Example use-cases:

  • Create contact forms
  • Create surveys and feedback forms
  • Create MailChimp opt-in forms
Pro Feature 5

Integrate With Email Marketing Providers

Elementor Pro’s form widget integrates with many email marketing providers such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, Drip, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and more. This allows you create beautifully designed opt-in forms using Elementor.

Example use-cases:

  • Design your own MailChimp opt-in forms
  • Add tags or assign users to specific groups in MailChimp
  • Create global opt-in forms (using global widgets) that are updated site-wide
Pro Feature 6

Use LaunchParty’s Pro Template Blocks

We offer more than 600+ templates (page templates, section templates, theme builder templates) that you can use to create an unlimited number of professionally designed pages. While these templates are free to download, many of them will require Elementor Pro.

Pro Feature 7

Design Popups With Advanced Rules, Triggers, And Conditions

The Elementor popup builder is hands-down the #1 popup builder. Popups are easily created using the Elementor editor (any design is possible). Advanced rules and conditions allow you to choose exactly when and where you want your popups to appear. You can also trigger popups from any link, button, or image.

Example use-cases:

  • Show exit intent popup on all blog posts
  • Show sales discount popup after two page views
  • Show header banner for users coming from Google
  • Show contact form popup after button click
  • Show opt-in form after user scrolls halfway down the page
Pro Feature 8

Add Social Media Sharing Buttons

You can easily add social media sharing buttons to your website using Elementor’s share buttons widget. This will allow people to easily share your content on different social media networks. You can choose from multiple shapes, styles, and skins. These will look a lot better than using a 3rd party plugin or service.

Pro Feature 9

Add Facebook Widgets (Comments, Posts, Like Buttons)

With Elementor Pro you can add Facebook commenting to any page on your website. You can also embed your Facebook page feed, specific Facebook posts, individual Facebook comments, Facebook videos, and like buttons.

Example use-cases:

  • Add Facebook commenting to your blog posts
  • Add testimonials by embedding specific Facebook comments
  • Add a like button to your header or footer
Pro Feature 10

Add Pricing Tables And
 Price Lists

Elementor Pro’s pricing table widget allows you to create beautifully designed pricing tables for your products and services. You can create full-featured lists for single products or multiple products and pricing plans.

Pro Feature 11

Save Your Most-Used Widgets (Pre-Styled)

Using the global widget feature in Elementor Pro, you can save pre-styled widgets. This way you can quickly add widgets to your page that have all of your preferred settings and styles pre-selected. When you download our Elementor templates you will find we have included tons of pre-styled widgets you can save as global widgets.

Pro Feature 12

Access All Pro Widgets

The following widgets are only available with the Elementor Pro add-on.

  • Portfolio Widget
  • Gallery Widget
  • Share Buttons Widget
  • Call to Action Widget
  • Animated Headline
  • Countdown Widget
  • Table of Contents Widget
  • Posts Widget
  • Forms Widget
  • Nav Menu Widget
  • Flip Box Widget
  • Blockquote Widget
  • Price Table Widget
  • Price List Widget
  • Testimonial Carousel Widget
  • Media Carousel Widget
  • Slides Widget
  • Breadcrumbs Widget
  • Login Widget
  • Facebook Comments Widget
  • Facebook Like Button Widget
  • Facebook Page Feed
  • Facebook Embed Widget
Pro Feature 13

Create Targeted Layouts With Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting is one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate. It allows you to assign different headers, footers, and blog post layouts to specific pages, posts, categories, and tags. This allows you to truly target specific users with relevant call-to-actions and other information.

Example use-cases:

  • Use different headers on landing pages and order pages
  • Create unique call-to-actions for different blog post categories
  • Create different blog post layouts for each category
Pro Feature 14

Add Parallax Scrolling Effects

You can now add vertical or horizontal parallax effects to any page. Scrolling effects include transparency, blur, rotation, and scale. Other effects such as 3D image tilt and mouse track are also included. Elementor's custom-built library is light-weight and can be disabled on tablet and mobile for an optimal user experience.

Pro Feature 15

Create Custom Post Types With ACF, Toolset, And Pods

Elementor Pro’s integration with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Toolset, and Pods will allow you to insert custom fields into your Elementor templates using their “dynamic” content feature. This will allow you to more easily design and manage your custom post types without any coding.

Pro Feature 16

Design Your WooCommerce Pages And Archives

Elementor Pro’s WooCommerce builder allows you to design your WooCommerce product pages and archive pages using Elementor. You also get access to the following Elementor widgets for WooCommerce: product title, gallery, images, price, rating, short description, breadcrumbs, data tabs, stock, related, upsell, add to cart, meta, content, and additional information.

Pro Feature 17

Get Premium Support From Elementor

When you purchase Elementor Pro you will have access to Elementor’s premium support. Their team of professionals can help you with any technical issues or Elementor-related questions you may have.

Elementor Free vs Pro Features

Elementor Free
Elementor Pro
Header & Footer Builder
Dynamic Blog Post Design
Dynamic Archive Page Design
Blog Pagination
Popup Builder
Motion Effects
Conditional Formatting
Global Widgets
Custom CSS
Pro Templates
Portfolio Widget
Gallery Widget
Forms Widget
Call to Action Widget
Share Buttons Widget
Facebook Comments Widget
Facebook Like Button Widget
Facebook Page Feed
Facebook Embed Widget
Animated Headline
Countdown Widget
Posts Widget
Nav Menu Widget
Flip Box Widget
Blockquote Widget
Table of Contents Widget
Price Table Widget
Price List Widget
Testimonial Carousel Widget
Reviews Widget
Media Carousel Widget
Slides Widget
Breadcrumbs Widget
Login Widget
Ken Burns Effect
Masonry Layout
Embed Templates Anywhere
Custom Fonts
ACF & Toolset Integration
WooCommerce Products
WooCommerce Elements
WooCommerce Categories
WooCommerce Add to Cart
Template Library
Export / Import Templates
Mobile Editing
Shape Divider
Video Lightbox
Box Shadow
Text Shadow
Background Overlay
Hover Animation
Entrance Animation
Heading Widget
Image Widget
Text Editor Widget
Video Widget
Button Widget
Image Box Widget
Testimonials Widget
Icon Widget
Icon Box Widget
Social Icons Widget
Basic Gallery Widget
Image Carousel Widget
Icon List Widget
Counter Widget
Progress Bar Widget
Star Rating Widget
Tabs Widget
Accordion Widget
Toggle Widget
Alert Widget
HTML Widget
Shortcode Widget
Menu Anchor Widget
Google Maps Widget
SoundCloud Widget
Divider Widget
Spacer Widget
Inner Section Widget
Background Gradient Effect
Redo / Undo & Revision History
Blank Canvas Template
Maintenance Mode
Page Settings

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