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Best Elementor Addons (WordPress Plugins)

What Are Elementor Addons?

Elementor addons are WordPress plugins created by 3rd party developers that extend the capabilities of the Elementor editor. When you install and activate these plugins, additional widgets will be added to your Elementor sidebar that you can use on your website.

The most popular companies that offer addons for Elementor are Ultimate Addons, Extras for Elementor, Essential Addons, Premium Addons, Happy Addons, and PowerPack Addons. Below are some of the best addon widgets offered by these companies.


Elementor addons


Best Elementor Addon Widgets



πŸ‘‰ Best Instagram Feed Widgets For Elementor

Want to add your Instagram feed to your website? The following instagram addons for Elementor will let you embed your feed right on your website and customize how it looks. You’ll be able to control how many photos you want to show and depending on which addon you choose you’ll have a few different layout options (grid, cards, masonry, carousel, etc). Other options include mouse-over overlays (likes, comments, etc), image lightboxes, and more.


Elementor instagram addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Tooltip Widgets For Elementor

Tooltips allow you to display custom messages when somebody clicks an element or hovers their mouse over an element on your page. Tooltips are a great way to add additional clarification to specific areas of your website without cluttering up your design. Depending on which Elementor addon you choose you’ll be able to add tooltips to text widgets, image widgets, icon widgets, or any HTML element using CSS selectors.


Elementor tooltip addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Timeline Widgets For Elementor

The timeline addon widget lets you organize your content in a vertical step-by-step orientation. This is great for content that’s organized into steps or organized by date (such as roadmaps). With most of these addons, the timeline content will actually change colors as users scroll down the page.


Elementor timeline addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Responsive Table Widgets For Elementor

Want to create features lists, comparison tables, schedules, or any other type of table? These responsive table widgets will look good on any device (desktop, tablet, and mobile). Depending on the table addon you choose you can even automatically create tables by uploading a CSV file. Other features include search, filter, column sorting, and more.


Elementor responsive table addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Image Hotspots Widgets For Elementor

The image hotspot addon allows you to put informational tooltips on top of your images. Tooltips are a great way to add additional information about the products, features, or places shown in your images. Tooltips can be activated on click or mouse-over.


Elementor hotspot addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Toggle Widgets For Elementor

The toggle addon widget is most commonly used as a pricing table toggle, usually to toggle between monthly and annual pricing plans. However, toggle widgets can be used to switch between two saved templates so you can use it to toggle between any type of content (pricing plans, feature lists, services, product variations, etc.).


Elementor toggle addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Gradient Heading Widgets For Elementor

Want to create multicolor headings in Elementor? These gradient heading addons will make your headings stand out with gradient color changes. You’ll be able to use different gradient styles, angles, fills, and more.


Elementor gradient heading addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Dual Style Heading Widgets For Elementor

Similar to the gradient widget, the dual heading widget addon will add even more unique styling options for your headings. You’ll be able to customize the look and feel of specific words in your titles. Depending on the addon you choose you’ll be able to control the font weight, font color, background color, border, and more. There are a lot of different creative options with this one.


Elementor dual style heading addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Video Gallery Widgets For Elementor

The video gallery widget addon let’s you add a collection of videos to any page from multiple sources (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). You can add as many videos as you like without effecting your page load time. Layout options include grid and carousel. Videos can be played inline or you can launch them in a lightbox. Cover image and overlay styles are also available.


Elementor video gallery addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Audio Player Widgets For Elementor

Want to add an audio player to your website? The following audio player widget will let you add individual audio files as well as playlists. Great for podcasts, music, article summaries or any other audio. A lot of different customization options available in this widget.


Elementor audio player addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Image Comparison Widgets For Elementor

An image comparison widget let’s a user compare two different versions of the same photo. For example, imagine you’re trying to illustrate a before-and-after version of a photo. With the image comparison toggle, users can drag left and right to compare both photos. This particular widget has a lot of different use cases for all kinds of different products.


Elementor image comparison addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Calendar Widgets For Elementor

Ever wanted to add a calendar of events to your website? The calendar widget addon let’s you embed a full calendar onto your website so users can have a visual view of your event schedule. Depending on the addon you choose you can integrate with your existing calendar or pull in data from advanced custom fields, toolset, etc.


Elementor calendar addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Mega Menu Widgets For Elementor

The mega menu widget allows you to create super large dropdown menus that expand to show a lot more options than a typical dropdown menu. You can also add other elements (such as images) to make the navigation structure more interesting. With this addon, you can actually custom design a section template in Elementor and have it appear as the dropdown.


Elementor mega menu addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Contact Form 7 Widgets For Elementor

The Contact Form 7 widget will allow you to add a Contact 7 form to your page and style it using Elementor. You’ll be able to style your forms in the same way style any other element in Elementor. This way your forms can match your website’s design without any coding required.


Elementor Contact Form 7 addon



πŸ‘‰ Best Gravity Forms Widgets For Elementor

The Gravity Forms widget will allow you to add their forms to your page and style them using Elementor. You’ll be able to style your forms in the same way style any other element in Elementor. This way your forms can match your website’s design without any coding required.


Elementor Gravity Forms addon


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