Shutting Down Notice

I have decided to shut down and discontinue our tutorials and templates.

Sadly, it's just not going to be possible to execute LaunchParty’s long-term vision with the new Elementor 3.0 design system.

Our website will be accessible (but not updated) until November 1, 2020. If you plan on using our templates after we shut down, be sure to download our preview images.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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Day 2: Design Your Website

How To Download And Import Our Elementor Templates

Action Plan

Step 1: Download And Import Our Templates Into Elementor

Elementor Pro is required for many of our templates. Read our Elementor Pro review.

Complete The Following Tasks

Download our free templates (must be logged in).
Choose one of our existing color schemes or create your own.
To create your own color scheme, first choose one of our existing color schemes and then click the Edit Colors button. This will take you through our custom color scheme editor. Any custom color schemes you create will be saved to your account.

If you need help with our custom color scheme editor, please watch our video tutorial below. We discuss custom color schemes towards the end of the video.
Once the download has finished, unzip the download file.
After you unzip the download file, you will find five zip files inside. These are the files you will be importing into the Elementor template library.
Import each of the five zip files into the Elementor template library.
In your WordPress admin, go to Templates > Saved Templates and click the Import Templates button. Click Browse and import each zip file one by one.

If you need help, please watch our video tutorial below.
Import the file.
Import the file.
Import the file.
Import the file.
Import the THEME-BUILDER-templates-(requires-pro).zip file.
You will not be able to import this zip file unless you have Elementor Pro activated.
You Earned A Badge!

Watch Our Video Tutorial

Why This Step Is Important

All of the tutorials in this course are centered around our Elementor templates. So not only will these templates help you design your website faster, but they will also make it much easier to follow along with our videos and learn how to use Elementor.


I'm getting errors when importing, are there any special requirements?

If you are receiving import errors it’s probably an issue with your hosting company.

The video tutorials in this course assume you are using SiteGround hosting (our recommended web hosting). SiteGround’s default php settings are enough that you shouldn’t have any issues on import.

If you are not using SiteGround, and you are having issues importing our templates, it is probably due to the timeout limits set on your shared hosting account. You will have to inquire with your particular hosting company regarding these limits.

We separated our templates into multiple zip files (of less than 200 files each) to help prevent users from experiencing this error. Some web hosts may only be able to import zip files with less than 100 files each.

Do your templates require Elementor Pro?

Around 30% of our templates use pro widgets and will require Elementor Pro. You will also need Elementor Pro to use our Theme Builder templates for your header, footer, blog posts, archives, search results, etc. Read our Elementor Pro review.

If you need help purchasing, downloading, and activating Elementor Pro you can watch our video tutorial.

Are your templates free for commercial use?

Yes, however, please be sure to read our license requirements carefully.

Can I create my own color schemes?

Yes. To create your own color scheme you must first choose one of our existing color schemes and then click the “Edit Colors” button in the popup. This will allow you to adjust the entire color scheme and save it to your account.

Where can I find color ideas for my custom color scheme?

In our Toolkits you will find our recommend color “idea generators” for color palettes and gradient backgrounds. We recommend using Coolors to make any final micro-adjustments to your preferred colors.

How do I adjust the text colors and link colors in each template?

In our templates, we add the heading color, text color, and link color to the “section” rather than to each specific heading widget or text widget. This means you don’t have to adjust any font colors or link colors every time you add a new text widget to your page (it’s all automatic). If you want to adjust these colors, you can find the color settings in each section by going to Edit Section > Style > Typography in the Elementor editor.

How do I remove the extra padding in the text widget?

You can remove the extra padding that’s added to the bottom of Elementor’s text widget by adding the following CSS to your theme’s customizer:

p:last-child {margin-bottom: 0 !important;}

If you are following our complete challenge and you already imported our recommended Astra settings, this CSS has already been added to the customizer.

You can learn more about our recommended customizer settings for the Astra WordPress theme in our Astra installation tutorial.

How can I delete the LaunchParty templates from the template library?

Warning: Your site design will be affected if you delete any templates that have conditional formatting applied to them. Go to Templates > Theme Builder in your WordPress admin and check the header, footer, single, or archive tabs and check the “Instances” column to make sure you don’t delete any templates that are actively being used.

All of our LaunchParty templates start with “LP-” to make them easier to organize. In the Elementor template library, search for “LP-” to view all of the LaunchParty templates. Next, click on “Screen Options” at the top right of the page and adjust the “number of items per page” and click “apply”. This will allow you to easily select all of our templates and delete them. Again, make sure you don’t delete any templates that are actively being used in the Theme Builder section.

Is there a way to hide the LaunchParty templates in my library?

If you search for “-lp” in the Elementor template library that will return the results for all non-LaunchParty templates.

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Day 2

Design Your Website

Elementor Pro is required for many of our tutorials in Day 2.
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