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Website In A Weekend

Learn how to make your first WordPress website with our free 3-day challenge for beginners!

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Start Free Challenge
Day 1

Day 1: Set Up Your Website

Most people make a lot of technical mistakes when setting up their WordPress website for the first time (mistakes that can later cause problems). After following our step-by-step video tutorials you’ll be confident that you’ve done it the right way.

  • Research domain name ideas and register your domain
  • Sign up for web hosting and install WordPress
  • Install a SSL certificate (security) and configure WordPress
  • Install and configure your WordPress theme
  • Install and configure Elementor and Elementor Pro
  • Create an email address for your domain name
Day 2

Day 2: Design Your Website

Why waste your time learning to code? Our videos will teach you how to create and design your entire website visually so you can easily customize everything (drag-n-drop). And with our 600+ free templates you won’t ever have to start with a blank page.

  • Choose your color scheme and download our templates
  • Choose your Google fonts
  • Learn what’s possible with Elementor
  • Create and design your first page with Elementor
  • Create and design your first blog post with Elementor
  • Create your header and footer
  • Design your logo
  • Create your blog home page and category pages
Day 3

Day 3: Improve Your Design

You're not a designer, right? No problem. Our videos will teach you beginner-friendly design techniques that will make your website look stunning on every device. You’ll be both proud and excited to share your new website.

  • Save pre-designed widgets and copy/paste styles
  • Download, crop, resize, and compress free stock photos
  • Add background images and overlays
  • Add shape dividers between sections
  • Add box shadows and borders
  • Adjust the responsive layout for tablet and mobile
  • Adjust padding and margins
  • Add hover animations and entrance animations

Join 20,000 Users Learning To Make Their Own Website

Nicole L.
I am so in love with LaunchParty. It is by far the best time investment I made for my business. The tutorials are the ultimate guide to building a professional website with ZERO coding skills needed! Not only am I thrilled about the resulting site that I built for my business but I'm also impressed with how easy it is to repeat the same for other clients. This added a new service to my overall business offerings. Above all, I can not believe that a course, complete with step-by-step videos and countless templates, costs ZILCH... ZERO... Not ONE PENNY! I recommend that everyone add this secret weapon to their arsenal!
Nicole L.
Daniel W.
LaunchParty completely blew me away. It was much more than a tutorial. It guided me step-by-step to success. The resulting website looks amazing and I learned a ton of tips & tricks on the way. The template blocks are versatile and make building a website as fun as playing with LEGOs. The course itself is well thought out, with videos, transcripts and motivating badges. Oh, and it's free. Wait, what? Yup. Mind blown. LaunchParty rocks!
Daniel W.
Michele M.
The moment I discovered LaunchParty I knew it was something special. As a student I feel like the team has done everything they can to set me up for success in the course and in the wild. The structure is well thought out and delivered in a way that is easy to follow for any learning preference. As you progress through the course you are awarded achievement badges with confetti that help boost your confidence! The lessons are practical and transferable, and will be used for years to come. The value of this course exceeds any paid course I have taken. I'm blown away this is offered for free. Thank you for creating a truly phenomenal course. Five enthusiastic gold stars!
Michele M.
Phil D.
LaunchParty is untouchable. The learning platform and badges, the on-site customizations, the walkthroughs and thoughtful detail for interacting with Elementor itself. It's all very well laid out and goes super deep somehow right when you need it. You'll actually want to bookmark this site and not just grab and go. Kudos and thanks!
Phil D.
Ann S.
LaunchParty has been an essential resource for me as I built my business. I always thought building websites required a lot of time and knowing how to code. LaunchParty smashed these preconceptions and allowed me to build my website for my business in record time. LaunchParty's videos are easy to follow and information is presented in a logical order, without over-explaining the steps. I highly recommend LaunchParty to anyone looking to build a website.
Ann S.
Julie M.
I LOVE this course. With LaunchParty, I've learned how to launch my designs on my own — literally in a day. After trying various courses and tutorials, I was thrilled to find a course that demonstrated a clean workflow, wasn't costly, and explained everything step by step from install to site launch. Also, the free template library is amazing! So glad I found you all!
Julie M.
Kathryn C.
I really wanted to create my own website, but I had NO technical knowledge on how to do it, nor had I ever done anything like this before. It was important to me my website looked professional. LaunchParty was the key to me being able to do it all on my own. The tutorials are well done, explaining in detail each step. Matthew is an amazing teacher!!! He doesn't leave out any steps or assume you know anything. Not only does LaunchParty give you the steps, they also give you design ideas. When I showed my finished website to my 30 year old niece, she said, 'it looks so professional.' I was so happy and proud of myself that I'd accomplished what I wanted....and I couldn't of done it without LaunchParty! I can't recommend them enough!!
Kathryn C.
I needed a website for my business, and the amount of money that some of these agencies charge I could not believe! I stumbled onto LaunchParty trying to learn how to do the website myself. Since finishing Matthew's tutorials I have built 3 websites! I am very happy with the videos and Matthew's teaching style! I tried a few other WP development courses out there and they just could not hold my attention, but I could not stop watching the videos on LaunchParty! The videos are to the point, informative and very easy to follow. Thank you Matthew for providing such a great service for free!
Nathan R.
These tutorials are excellent. It's by far the clearest, most comprehensive and easiest course I've seen for startups to get things moving. Highly recommend for both new business owners and experienced entrepreneurs looking for a quick and easy way to set up a website without paying anything at all to gain this knowledge! The step-by-step video tutorials are very straightforward and use the best tools available in the industry to ensure that your business gets off to the best possible start. The FAQs also help to clear things up. You could pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for someone to set this stuff up for you – which would take months - or you could watch these videos for free and achieve a better result in just 3 days. The choice is pretty clear.
Nathan R.
Kyle M.
I likely would have never gotten my business off the ground without LaunchParty. I had banged my head repeatedly against the wall when trying to learn WordPress & was getting nowhere to the point where I was about to throw in the towel & had no way at the time to hire a developer. Once I came across LaunchParty, I was able to finally make progress on my website & ultimately become self-sufficient and get a successful business off the ground. I’m very thankful for LP & honestly am not sure where I’d be today without it.
Kyle M.
Heidi G.
I cannot BELIEVE how this 52-year old woman has learned to build a WordPress website so easily! Before LaunchParty, I had been struggling to see any real progress on building a decent site. I had many stops and starts trying different ‘easy’ tutorials randomly discovered all over the internet. It wasn’t until finding and working through the systematic layout of LaunchParty’s challenge (using Elementor!) that I saw PROGRESS! In just a few days, I have created a website I am very proud of. LaunchParty is focused on getting your website launched while empowering you to know all the skills needed to be creative and unique in making YOUR mark in the online space! All of this in a sequence of tutorials that provides EVERYTHING in one place. First class stuff that I will rave about to anyone who wants to get their website DONE!!
Heidi G.
Geoff L.
I can't believe Matt and the guys at LaunchParty give this course away for FREE! I built a fully functioning website in less than a week (I had other things to do too). So in a week, I can add the title of 'web designer' and 'web administrator' to my list of accolades! :). And I have the know-how and tools to build my next website using WordPress. So cool! Matt and the team have gone the extra mile, making it super easy to follow along in each video so that you can build up your website step-by-step. This is one of the best investments of time I've ever made into a course. Thanks for such an awesome course and for offering it for FREE! Just wow!
Geoff L.

About Our Free Challenge

Entire Challenge Is
Completely Free

Our entire 3-day challenge is absolutely free. Our goal is to provide free educational resources to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and students.

Made For Absolute

We simplify WordPress in a way that anyone can understand. Our step-by-step video tutorials were created specifically for non-coders and non-designers.

No Coding,
No Confusing Terminology

We teach how to make websites visually. This means we won't be using any coding and we won't be confusing you with hard-to-understand terminology.

Progress Tracking For
Every Single Step

Our step-by-step progress tracking will help move through our challenge at your own pace and visualize the exact steps needed to finish making your website.

Complete Control Over
Your Design

You will be using the Elementor page builder to customize every aspect of your website using their visual drag-n-drop editor.

Professional Elementor

We created our very own collection of professional Elementor templates exclusively for this challenge so you never have to start with a blank page.

Total Cost To Make Your Own Website

While all of our tutorials are 100% free, there are a few things you will need to purchase in order to create a website with WordPress.

1) You will need a domain name, 2) you will need web hosting, and 3) you will need Elementor Pro. (Elementor is the most popular drag-n-drop visual editor WordPress).

The total cost of these three services will be less than $10 per month. Our video tutorials will guide you through this entire process step-by-step from start to finish.

Start The Free Challenge

How Can This Be Free?

All of our tutorials are supported by the small affiliate commission we receive when you purchase SiteGround Hosting and Elementor Pro. We are not associated with SiteGround or Elementor in any way.